Testimonies of newlyweds 

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing families. Events we have planned and coordinated range from luxe 350-guest affairs to intimate 18-guest parties. Every event is special to us. Here are some testimonials from some of our much-loved newlyweds, as well as corporate and social event clients.


October 2019

Ginna was the perfect wedding coordinator for our nontraditional wedding. We couldn't have done it without her and her expertise. She made sure every detail was taken care of and we didn't have to worry about a single thing on the day of our wedding. I highly recommend Hummingbird Page Event Co.


September 2019

I held off on getting a day-of-coordinator until a couple months before our wedding because I thought I could save the money and handle it -- let me tell you, I was wrong, and I'm glad I realized it in time to hire Ginna at Hummingbird Page! Ginna is so professional, cool, calm, and collected -- she makes even stressful situations feel like no big deal because you will have total faith that she has it 100% under control. My family and I did not have to lift a finger on the wedding day thanks to Ginna and her team. It was hands down some of the best money we spent on the wedding day...when you're spending so much money on everything else, it would really be a mistake not to hire professionals like Ginna at Hummingbird Page to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day!


August 2019

Ginna and her team at Hummingbird Page were an absolute dream to work with and far exceeded any expectations I had for a wedding coordinator. Leading up to the wedding Ginna was prompt in our communications, offered helpful suggestions based on her experience and expertise and spoke up for me in situations when I didn’t feel as comfortable with being so direct about my needs and wants. Ginna and her team rocked the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and entire wedding day so all we had to do was enjoy our wedding day to the fullest. When we arrived to the wedding site my jaw dropped at how beautifully Ginna brought my vision to life and was far better than I had imagined. I could have never imagined that having a coordinator would be as essential as it was and I will forever recommend Hummingbird Page to get the job done!


August 2019

Hiring Hummingbird Page Event Co. was the best decision we made during wedding planning and I can't recommend Ginna and her team enough! My husband and I planned our wedding remotely on a pretty short timeline. Our venue was pretty bare bones and it required us to build all parts of the event from the group up. We had a few ideas about the decor and the overall vibe we wanted but it was Ginna's knowledge of wedding logistics and vision that made our wedding day the fun, meaningful, well-executed celebration we were dreaming of having. Being able to sit back and enjoy the day without worrying if the caterer showed up or if we were running behind schedule was such a relief. She also had great vendor suggestions, incorporated and built on our ideas, and helped us think through what would work with our timeline, budget, and event space. I felt really at ease with Ginna and she added a sense of calm and control throughout the wedding planning process that I so desperately needed. I totally trusted her to make our day great and we were thrilled with how our day turned out.


June 2019

Ginna is the best coordinator I could ever dream of and I highly recommend her. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave such great advice. It was the best decision we ever made to have Ginna apart of our special day. She made our wedding day run so smoothly by making sure everything was followed through with exactly what we had envisioned for our ideal wedding even though it was raining. Ginna was always easy to talk to and was so prepared. She was always there for us throughout the whole wedding planning process, making sure we were prepared for each step of the way. Even when our caters mixed up the date, she handled it with such grace that we didn't even notice. I really appreciate all that she did for the wedding, and she did an outstanding job.


May 2019

Ginna Matson did a fantastic job as the coordinator for my daughter’s wedding. My daughter and her fiancé had done the overall planning for their wedding and had arranged for several components of the event before deciding to hire a wedding coordinator (the venue, caterer and music had been arranged) but tons of details remained to be addressed (e.g., flowers, scheduling of the many events over the rehearsal and wedding days). Ginna officially came on board six weeks before the wedding date, although she was available well before then to consult about things that needed to be arranged (e.g., transportation, port-a-potties for the outdoor wedding and reception). When she officially “came on board,” she took over all the details while being sure to stay accessible to my daughter and her fiancé.

There were lots of moving parts to the big event, especially because of the outdoor venue at a private farm. Ginna has good relations with the many businesses that were involved in putting together the event: the caterers, the suppliers of linens, bartenders, rental business. She is detail-oriented and knows what details need to be considered, which saved us a lot of worry and time. I am an organizer and have a tendency to micro-manage, so I had moments when I was concerned by how little I was involved in making arrangements as we approached the wedding day. I had no reason to worry: Ginna – in consultation with the bride and groom – had it all under control. Not only was everything flawlessly organized, she took care of the flower arrangements and table decorations herself and threw in an upgrade of the original proposal!

The wedding and reception went as smoothly as it could possibly have gone. There were virtually no glitches – at least, none that made it to our attention (and that’s the key!). The very few last-minute adjustments were handled immediately by Ginna. For example, we decided at the rehearsal that we really needed fans in the barn for the reception and Ginna arranged to pick them up herself the next morning. The only other example was that the bus transporting our guests from the hotel had a minor accident at the entrance to the farm that caused damage to the wall at the entrance; Ginna called the company the Monday after the wedding and arranged for the company to take care of the repairs.

The bottom-line: Our guests had a great time; the parents of the bride were able to enjoy the day rather than worry about whether things were going as expected; and the bride and groom had the day that they dreamed of having. It was a huge success, thanks to Ginna’s hard work. Ginna is knowledgeable, well-organized, well-connected, thorough, calm and easy to work with. We enthusiastically recommend her.


May 2019

I don’t have enough nice things to say about Ginna and the rest of her team! She made the planning process so simple and streamlined and went above and beyond to take everything off of our plate on our big day. She was by far the best money we have spent towards our wedding! Our wedding day went off without a hitch and it was all thanks to her! We got so many compliments from friends and family about how wonderful she was also. Cannot recommend them enough!!


February 2019

Zac and I are just sitting here talking about how appreciative we were of all your help today. Thank you isn't enough, but thank you. You made our day absolutely perfect and we couldn't have done it with out you.

Rehearsal Dinner

June 2018

Tonight was an absolute smash hit! Thank you so much for everything!!!


November 2017

Thanks so much. You all exceeded our expectations. Katherine and Kline were ecstatic. It was a great weekend and I have suggested to folks to give you all, Brittany and Amber, and the florist a shout out in their social media as you made Katherine's vision come to life.

Baby Shower


Thank you so much for everything! You and the team were amazing! We had SO many compliments! 

Bat Mitzvah 

September 2017

Now that we are coming up for air, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you delivered this weekend. I heard nothing but compliments about all of the meals, the Saturday evening party was especially well coordinated, and the servers were top-notch. Thanks again for all your help with the planning and execution of each event.

Bar Mitzvah 

August 2017

Thank you so much for both events. Service were great!  You are real pleasure to work with. I so appreciated your dependability and efficiency. I will certainly recommend you to friends and use you again! Had many compliments on both Friday and Saturday.

behind the name: Hummingbird Page

I named my company, Hummingbird Page Event Co. in honor of my grandfather, Harold Page, who owned an event rental and design company many years in Louisville. “Poppy” was an avid musician and played in a small band with friends in their older years. They affectionately referred to their band as the Hummingbird’s because they so commonly forgot the lyrics that they ended up humming along to the songs. It’s that same joy and lightheartedness that we carry with us throughout our work. Photo: Dolores and Harold Page, 1955.

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