hummingbird PAGE

Hummingbird Page derives its name in homage to our founder’s grandfather, Harold Page, who owned an event rental and design company many years before our inception. An avid musician, he played in a small band with friends in their older years. Upon his passing in 2011, her great uncle noted that Mr. Page affectionately referred to his band as the Hummingbird’s because they so commonly forgot the lyrics that they ended up humming along to the songs. It’s that same joy and lightheartedness that we carry with us throughout our work.

Hummingbird Page strives to find a happy middle ground between getting carried away in the details and enjoying the calm and effort that goes into each crafted event. Whether you are planning your wedding or creating a curated corporate event, we hope to bring knowledge and logistics while you bask in the fun.

Events commonly come with unnecessary excess, some preventable and some that you can’t avoid without taking away from the overall design. We have a Green Mind and a Community Based Heart, that means we hope to partner with our clients in repurposing their flowers for nursing homes and hospitals and helping donate any excess leftovers to local shelters.