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First and foremost, we consider our services to be the best gift you can give your family, the ability to sit back and relax on your special day. We do the hard work and coordinating so that your family can enjoy the day with you. They don't have to make sure vendors have arrived or clean up at the end. Our team packs up all decor and makes sure that your space is left the way your venue has requested. 

This offering includes:

  • Initial Consultation

    • We will do a call on the phone to see where you're at with everything and get our creative juices flowing.​

      • After our first call or coffee date, you will receive our custom vendor recommendations that will fit your wedding to a T! From there you can contact each vendor for availability, pricing, and details.

  • 2 Planning Meetings:

    • Meeting 4 Months out 

      • We firm up details so that we can get an initial timeline created as well as brainstorm layout and answer any questions!

    • 1 Meeting 1 Month out at Venue to finalize details. ​

  • Vendor Recommendation

    • Take a look at our amazing vendor friends, from there you can book them knowing they are Hummingbird approved!​

    • Knowing your budget, style and wants, we will match you up with our top picks for you. 

  • Timeline Creation

    • We will send to your vendors at 3 Months out. 

    • We send a rough inital timeline to your vendors so everyone can plan accordingly and we can make all the necessary changes ahead of time!​

  • Vendor Confirmation starting 4 weeks out.

    • We get ahold of all of your vendors, ensuring they have the info they need for details of the day and load in as well as what time they plan to arrive!​

    • We also send a final timeline out the week of your wedding with any last minute changes!

  • Layout Assistance​

    • We'll help you build out your floor plan and offer suggestions based on flow and guest count. 

    • You'll have access to your layout so that you can place guests at their seats in our planning software!​

  • Access to Wedding Planning Software

    • From checklists, timelines, layouts, budgets, design studios, a spot to store your vendors and contracts, and our library of templates, this is the ultimate planning tool!

  • Final Payment and Tip Delivery 

    • You have confirmed all details with your vendors and need to settle up. We will hand out the payments and can guide you on proper tipping procedures. ​

  • Setup and Clean-up of Client Decor

    • We can place linens, pre-made centerpieces, favors, signage and more.​

    • We leave setting up/breaking down of tables, chairs and heavy duty items to the professionals and can't help with that service!

  • Ceremony Rehearsal for up to 1 Hour on an agreed-upon date and time. 

    • Let us guide your wedding party through the rehearsal with ease so you all can enjoy your stress-free day! We tell everyone where and when to walk!​

    • We do not attend the rehearsal dinner.

  • Event Coordination for 12 Hours

    • Usually, the first ones to arrive and leave, we make sure all of your vendors have what they need and are doing everything according to what you planned!​

  • Total Communication Throughout including calls, emails and texts.

    • Feel free to ask us any planning questions along the way. ​

    • We have done this a time or two and are happy to give our suggestions throughout the planning process. 

  • Includes Lead Coordinator and Assistant to the Lead Coordinator 

Some additions you might need are:

  • Additional Coordinator(s) dependent on guest count and decor setup needs.

  • Possibility if you have a different ceremony and reception venue. 



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