What is the overall experience of working with you like?

We first and foremost are logistics experts. We know the ins and outs of a wedding day, vendors, venues, etc. Our goal is to be your listening ear with helpful feedback. We pride ourselves on communication and try to respond to all requests within 24hrs. 

How involved will I get to be in the planning process?

Depending on your package, we can be as involved or hands off as you need us to be. With Wedding Management, we will happily answer any logistics and plannign questions along the way. If you are a Full Planning Client, we help with it all, from design, to sourcing and booking vendors to attending vendors meetings, etc. 

What is NOT included in your packages?

We do not assist with setting up physical tables and chairs, or bussing tables. 

Will planning our wedding be fun?

“I love this. It means they’re not looking at it from a business standpoint,” says Josh Spiegel of Birch Event Design in New York City. “We have passion behind everything we do, and that is what drives us. This question means they want to be involved with us in the project, and makes it more enjoyable to work with them and have them work with us.”

Did you hire a planner for your own wedding?

I hired of Day of Coordinator for my wedding

What lengths have you gone to ensure client satisfaction on the wedding day?

We have bent over backward, let me tell ya! With COVID restrictions, we've had bridal parties not able to be in salons and set up a "tailgate" in the parking lot so that everyone could still be together on site. 

What was your favorite wedding you planned this past year?

Would our wedding budget allow for a wedding that would reflect the type of work you have featured on your portfolio?

  1. What is the avergage budget for our Weddings?

    1. We find that our couples typically spend $25,000 or more for their big day!​

  2. Are they able to help you plan the vision for your day?

  3. Can they help you stay within budget?

    1. We do our best to point our couples towards qualified vendors within their budget!​

  4. Do they have a team working with them? What are the team members’ qualifications?

    1. We have 2 full-time planners working to keep everyone organized and on task. 

  5. Will they plan the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch?

    1. We can help with that! There are additional fees add on.​

  6. What is their back up plan for inclement weather or illness of their team?

    1. We always have a plan B for weather. That may be keeping ceremony under the tent or in the reception area. Rarely is an event greatly affected by weather. ​

    2. We have a large team that we work with regularly to make your day happen. Should Ginna or Taylor get sick, you will have a qualified Coordinator to lead the day. We would NEVER leave you without a coordinator. 

  7. Will they be present at all vendor meetings?

    1. For Full Planning Client's we assist with all vendor communication. For Wedding Management clients, we don't touchbase with other vendors until 6 weeks out and that is to finalize everything that you all have already decided on. ​

  8. Do they have preferred vendors?

  9. Absolutely! We have beautifully curated lists of our preferred vendors broken down by category. 

  10. If there are difficulties with vendors, does the planner handle them?

    1. We will do our best to assist. We hihgly recommedn that our clients send us over their potential vendors beforehand so that we can give helpful advice. We are big on personalities and find that not all vendors work the same way/have the same attitude. ​

  11. Do they have insurance coverage?

    1. We are fully licensed and insured. ​

  12. What time will they arrive for the festivities and leave?

    1. We are often the first to arrive and the last to leave on the day of. ​

  13. How do they handle pressure?

    1. We consider ourselves to be low stressers. All issues have a viable solution so it's our job to help excicute that in a pinch. ​

  14. How do they best communicate with you?

    1. We are easily accessible via email and texting. Some of our couple choose to message us thoughts on Instagram too. ​

  15. How often does the wedding planner keep in touch with you?

    1. For Wedding Management couples, you are welcome to reach out with any questions along the planning process. We have designated touch points at 12 months, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 1 week. ​

  16. Will they create a timeline?

    1. Yes. Regardless of your package, we create your timeline and send it out to all of your vendors for confimration beforehand. ​

  17. What is the total cost and what is required for a deposit?

    1. We require 1/3 of the total at booking as a deposit to hold your date. ​

  18. Do they offer payment plans?​

    1. We do a 1/3 payment at booking, 1/3 midway and the balance due a month out from your date. ​

  19. What type of payment can they take – cash, check, credit card?

    1. We accept checks, credit cards and bank drafts.​

  20. What it their cancellation policy?

    1. If a client cancels their event, no monies will be returned. We would be happy to move their event to a new date howver with no rescheduling fees. ​