About Hummingbird Page Event Co. 

Hummingbird Page began in late 2018 with the hope of building a beautiful business to help people. Since that first day, we’ve created over 90 weddings and have earned our way into the hearts of our couples and publications, such as Kentucky Bride. At home, I am mama to the sweetest little babes, Nora Ray and Harper Joy, and wifey to my awesome husband, Andrew. He occasionally gets recruited into helping with setup on your wedding day too! Our current obsession, other than our girls, is finishing up a kitchen remodel and decluttering our home while trying to become debt-free. I'm just as obsessed with my own personal budget as I will become with your wedding budget.


In my Hummingbird world, I am your shoulder to cry on and your voice of reason for all things wedding planning. Meeting with potential couples for a face-to-face coffee date is my jam, as I think personality is very important. Being a pretty laid-back person in general, keeping my couples calm is one of my biggest goals. Our motto is if something goes wrong on your wedding day, it does no one any good to panic or freak out. We come up with a solution and make it happen, oftentimes without you even knowing it happened.


With a keen eye for detail and a people-pleasing personality, we celebrate our couples while honoring their wishes. We hope to become an extension of your family without you having the guilt that you would with your actual family. No need to ask your aunt to help you change your shoes, we will gladly do that while making jokes in the process.

We’ve got you and all of those crazy requests!